Day 1028 Matt hasn’t a clue

Today is Friday. Today, I received a letter from someone who is incarcerated and knew Matt. He said he was pulling out a book to reread. A paper fell out with my name and address. He saw Matt’s last name written on the spine. He is in a medium security prison and he is scared.
He shared that he has been in solitary for months. I cried when he told me he was so happy to see Matt’s name on the book.
“Mr’s D, my heart leapt for joy because it was like Matt was here with me.”
He went on to tell me that when he knew my son, even while he being self destructive, my son was there to listen, to encourage him and this man said he’s never met a more caring and honest human being.
Matt doesn’t have a real clue how many people he has influenced for good.
Evil seems to be winning against Matt; but, my son is still being who he is in spite of these nasty cowards.
Love is still more powerful.

Peace my friends.💞


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