Day 1053 maid

Today is Wednesday. Today was a tough day for cleaning. Some people live nasty. There’s no nice way to say it.
Here is an article that was shared with me. Be kind to your housekeeper..;)



Day 1052 show grace

Today is Tuesday. Do you ever feel like you just don’t fit anywhere? It’s been a strange and discouraging 2 weeks for sure.
Tonight, I made a card for one of my clients who will surely take his frustration out on me even though the issue has nothing so ever to do with me.
I was told by someone I need to show more grace to people. Lol..that’s a good one.
Here’s my response to the lecture I may receive:

I will apologize for something I didn’t do and thank him for his patience.  Good customer service..😉😊

Keep smiling.  It’s all good. Hugs💞

Day 1051 Keep smiling

Today is Monday. Today, I was disrespected by the owner of the business I work for. Why is it that you can be honest, hardworking, not take advantage, go the extra mile and watch others around you lie, cheat and be totally irresponsible: but, you get spoken to like you messed up and the others never even get a frown?
I don’t often get angry and speak my mind. I know
you may find that hard to believe; but, I usually take a few deep breaths and just carry on most of the time.
Discouraged is the word. I am really discouraged.
Then I think about this person Paul knows who has no health insurance and has serious health issues, she owns a car that has engine failure. She drives 2 hours one way to work and is using a rental car because she can’t afford to buy an new one and the warranty ran out on her problematic car.
I realize that my issues are pretty minor.
Don’t you wish sometimes you had a few million that you could just bless people like her anonymously?
My son has been in prison for over 7 years. I have nothing on this earth to complain about.

Keep smiling and be grateful for even the littlest of things. Hugs my friends.

Day 1050 Lavender

Today is Sunday. Today, I met with a wonderful soul who spent time teaching me about the benefits of therapeutic oils. I am big on all natural and organic products. I learned some amazing things not to mention getting to smell incredible oils from plants.
I will be spending more time researching these oils and recommending some. I think this is going to eventually become my new avenue for working. The cleaning thing is literally beating me up.
Oh, I will continue to spruce up homes and offices for certain dear friends..:)
I was introduced to a mixture of spices for cleaning and it blew my socks off. All natural, safe, wonderfully smelling and most important: Cleans well!!
Today, I received back magazines I had sent to FCI Butner. I can’t tell you how much money I lose. The freaking rules are arbitrary and there are a million of them. Our prison system SUCKS!
Okay, I got that out of my system.
A thousand days waiting for my son, people. I need some calming Lavender..LOL
Hmmm…it would be great if some of the guys in those nasty prisons had diffusers with oils and music. You know, seriously, I would make a great warden. I care about people not power, money and persecution.

Love is the sweetest scent. Peace.

Day 1049 cribbage

Today is Saturday. Today, Paul beat me in Cribbage. I mention this because that doesn’t happen very often. LOL. I am the Cribbage champion.
One day soon, I am hoping to teach Matt how to play the game. I am searching for a nice maple or walnut board in the shape of the state of NH and has steel pegs. If you know any wood artisans out there.😉
Update on my friend Joe. We still haven’t seen the guitar returned. It appears I will have to save for one that has no option for electric pick up.
My other peep, Chris needs boots and pants. Gotta love those private prisons. NOT!

Peace my friends.😊💞

Day 1048 Glass

Today is Friday. Today, I had my first day off in a long time. Today, I spent the afternoon with a most delightful woman who happens to be my pastor’s wife. We explored shops and had Greek food for lunch. Gosh, if I didn’t feel like I have a life..;)
I went to a stained glass shop and oh my, they have pieces of glass for sale. My art instincts went over the top. I had to touch the glass and ooooh over the colours.
Okay, I’ll stop for
I’ve sent Matt 3 magazines so far and he has not been given them. This gets so very old.
Thank God he got 3 letters from all across the country. Charish, if you are reading my blog, he just loved your letter.

Peace my friends..thank you, Renee for a lovely day.

Day 1047 newsletters

Today is Thursday. Today, I put together 100 newsletters to mail out to inmates who are members of the justice reform group. Paul helped label and stamp.
Tomorrow, they will be mailed out.
If you are against the death penalty and have some stories to share, please let me know. The governor needs to hear how imperative it is to do away with the death penalty in NH.
Yes, he is a Republican; but, I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he has a heart.
Still no word from the KY judge regarding my son’s motion.


Day 1046 private prison

Today is Wednesday. Today, I got a letter from one of my young peeps in a private prison. Well, really, other than Jeremy in FCI Memphis, most of the prisons are profit driven private hell holes in Tennessee.
My young friend needs boots and pants. Isn’t that pathetic? I sent him a book on automotive repair and by his reaction, you’d think I sent him $1000.
His mom is a drug addict. He doesn’t want to go home to her. He stole because he was hungry and in need.
He wants to come live near me. Geesh. What I wouldn’t give for a means to really help.
So, I am mom. I am friend. I am counselor.
The best I can do for now is get him the boots and pants and keep encouraging him to believe he can be much more than his offense.
I detest the prison system and the monsters it creates. I’m not talking about the inmates.

Ending on a positive note, I got a flat tire a block away from a tire store. They took me without an appointment even though extremely busy and fixed my tire for $5.

😉 Peace

Day 1045 A prayer

Today is Tuesday. Today, I want to take this opportunity to just meditate, pray about those good hearted and decent people who are under attack in one way or another.
“Lord, for those who are under great risk, give them courage, give them peace, and I humbly and most earnestly ask that You protect them from those who intend harm.
For those who are suffering, being dealt
with cruelly, unjustly, give them hope, give them real justice that is fair and seasoned with your mercy. Restore to them much more than what was taken.
Surround them with good and kind people. Light their way with love.”

Peace my friends. You make this world a brighter place.💞

Day 1044 MLK

Today is Monday. Today we remember Dr. Martin Luther King. Today, I watched an old clip of Dr. King’s speech, “I have a dream.”
Today, I noticed the protest signs and sadly, not much has improved. Dr. King and others were marching against police brutality, injustice, racism and human rights violations.
The unaccountable “abc” agencies were threatening him, maligning him and trying to destroy him. What’s changed?

Here’s a message from my son, who knows what it is to b e maligned, threatened, tortured and imprisoned by that same unaccountable agency:

“Promoting peace is seldom a platform for popularity, and as we remember a champion of dignity and an exemplar of courage, we should also remember the level of opposition that Dr. King faced from the powerful.”