Day 1007 deep breath

Today is Friday. Today, I had a free day. Today, I encouraged Matt who is struggling with not being able to come home. He talks about justice and the judge making a decision. I remind him sadly that it’s all corrupt.
I take a deep breath and remind him about Jeremy Hammond, Marty Gottesfeld, and Reality Winner just to name a few who are unjustly imprisoned like him. He knows. It’s just so difficult.
Today, I was able to buy stamps and cards for some of my caged peeps thanks to a Christmas gift from one of my clients.
My sincere thanks to John Kiriakou, ex CIA and whistleblower for explaining the gov’t’s narrative of child porn to disparage whistleblowers. That’s their playbook: Destroy people’s lives to cover their own criminal activities.

A special thanks to David Crabtree for encouraging me to keep fighting. Hugs and much love, Dave.

Peace my friends. Pay forward with an act of kindness. Tis the season.💞

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