Day 1005 WHY

Today is Wednesday. Today, I am wondering if politicians can do anything straight forward and with integrity? I suspect this is rhetorical.
Let’s just use the First Step Act as an example. Why does other “stuff” have to be snuck in?
WHY can’t they just do something that is good for most people instead of mucking it up with their own selfish agendas?
And while asking questions:
WHY does Flynn get a pass for being a traitor and Reality Winner gets 5 years in prison?
WHY does my son have to spend another 14 stinking months in prison because liars hold the power and they give a pass to DOJ corruption?
WHY were Yemeni families not allowed to testify before Congress who has the power to stop arming monsters?
WHY does evil seem to win the day?
These and other questions keep me up at night.

If you have answers….

Peace; I hold on to it as fleeting as it appears.

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