Day 984 a contribution..;)

Today is Tuesday. Today, a woman I know came by my house to drop of toiletries and packages of crackers to include in my bags for the homeless. I was taken aback. Most people just give me a thumbs up or encourage me to keep it up which is greatly appreciated; but, contributing to the cause is the cherry on the sundae.
Today, I drove on snow covered roads that looked like something out of an oil painting.
Remember when you were a kid? Did you ever lie back on the snow and make angel wings?
I remember building forts and having snowball fights against the kids across the street. Did matter who won. It was just fun. Then we’d go inside, throw our wet clothes in the dryer, and sit down to a bowl of chicken noodle soup or tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.
It snowed all day today. Wanted to play like a kid again. 😉

Peace and hugs.💞

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