Day 982 Thanksgiving cards

Today is Sunday. Today, I have been working diligently on making art cards for my caged peeps.
I realize in a few days it will be Thanksgiving and my friends will be missing family and friends. If they are lucky, the prisons will give the something more memorable to eat. If some of my friends get anything nutritious, that will be a big deal.
I remember when I lived in Indiana, I was asked to make several dozen chocolate chip cookies that would be delivered to prisoners who had very lengthy sentences. Don’t get me started on that one.
Anyway, the guys were allowed 2 cookies. This was done once a year. Seriously, aren’t we ashamed of our lack of basic humanity in this country?

Well, my goal is trying to be encouraging.  I hope you have plans to spend time this Thanksgiving with those you care about.  And, for heaven’s sake, don’t talk about politics!  Lol

Here’s my art.  My peeps love it; but, then, they are a captive audience.

Peace my friends.💞

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