Day 973 Music

Today is Friday. Today, I received a letter from one of my caged peeps, Joe. The CO there gave him permission to have a guitar. Yay!! He is soooo excited. I found one at Musician’s Friend for $150. I have been saving my tips, loose change and selling pieces of my art. I hope to have enough saved to buy it and ship it for a Christmas present.
There is something comforting about music. It reaches to the very depths of despair and resonates with our soul.
I can’t change the horrible injustice done to Joe; but, I can give him a way to make music and that gives him joy.
I clean fo all kinds of people. Many of them live in beautiful homes and some of them have a meltdown if things aren’t just so. It’s difficult not to suggest they try a few days in prison.
Today, I am so grateful for everything I have.
A shout out to the kind soul who sent Matt a couple of books. He is always grateful.

Peace my friends. Kindness is like the sweet fragrance of a flower.

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