Day 967 Flat tires

Today is Saturday. Today 3 of 4 tires on my car were flat. One had a nail puncture and the other 2 had valve issues. Strange to have 3 tires with problems all at once.
Today, I felt one step behind. You know that weird feeling when you feel out of focus. You are just not in sync.
Today, Matt called. One of the inmates 3 cells down from him died from a heart attack. For some, sadly, tragically, death is the final escape, the final freedom from prison.
I want to believe someone loved him. Someone made him feel human, feel wanted.
Today, the 3 of us prayed on the phone for those who may be left behind as well as those in the prison who knew him.
It is a real fear for many in prison that they will die in there.
My friend, Joe, shares with me that he is afraid of dying in the private prison in Tenn.
I can’t imagine there is anything more sacred in this case, than figuratively holding the hand of another human being who feels utterly alone without me. For years no one has written Joe. He reacts like a kid in a candy store just to get stamps or a letter.
I may not get much right in this world. I may not hold a candle to most; but, I can love.
I tell you, I really miss my son. Yet, he has helped me connect with people who need a bit of love. I can do that. I will take this broken and badly scarred heart and give it away because that’s what I can do best. Today, I had 3 flat tires; but I can walk anywhere I want. When I do, I say the names of all of those I love who are caged.
Thank you, Matt, for showing me I have a much bigger heart. I love you, buddy.

Peace sweet friends.💞

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