Day 933 Lady J

Today is Thursday. Today, I was paid for a piece of art work by a client who wanted me to paint her Weimariner.  Yay! That felt good. I am saving for one of my caged peeps, Joe, for a guitar and I’m half way there!!
Today, an activist from Australia and dear friend sent funds for stamps for my guys and chocolate for Matt. How sweet!!
Today, I talked to Matt about getting a rescue dog. He thinks we need to go save a dog..😊
Today, I heard a song, as I was driving between jobs, that resonated with me.  It’s from the group, Dispatch; “Letter to Lady J.”  The “J” is for Justice.

Peace friends.

Day 991 Smiley face

Today is Tuesday. Today, it snowed. I know you are just amazed by that; but, it’s true. Lol
Today, as I glanced out of my large window that faces my 200 plus foot drive, I saw a giant smiley face in the newly fallen snow.
Do you know what love is? Paul cleans the snow and ice off my car. He backs it up to the end of the walk from the front door and leaves it running so it’s nice and toasty when I get in.
He then shuffles around in the snow to make a huge circle. I watch him hop like an elf into the circle to make eyes. Then, he hops to the bottom and shuffles to make a big smile before hopping out of the circle.
I get a wave and a kiss blown at me before he gets in his card and drives off.
Do I mind the snow? Well I do, but then I think I wouldn’t have this huge smiley face made by an elf who loves me.😊

Peace and smiles..💞

Day 990 Preemptive Peace

Today is Monday. Today, I am borrowing a phrase from a friend.
What if we were in the business of practicing pre-emptive peace? What if we chose to listen instead of doing all the lecturing?
What if we didn’t scrutinize every word, every tone; but, instead resonated back what we heard in an effort to understand?
What if we indulged in the art of hospitality instead of hostility?
What if we put ourselves in each other’s shoes?
What if we made peace with ourselves so, we could work at making peace with each other and the world?
What if we tried to profit from peace instead of war?
What if we made it our mission to practice preemptive peace?

Thank you Shell for the beautiful thought.💞


Day 989 What’s wrong with this world?

Today is Sunday.

What’s wrong with this world?
When I despise you because you aren’t my colour, my gender, my sexual orientation, my nationality.
What in Hell is wrong with this world?
When I grab up everything I can because it sucks to be you. I got there first.
What’s wrong with this world?
I’ve lost my humanity. I’m a coward as I lock up children stolen from their parents or I gas frightened mothers and children so they won’t step into MY country.
What the f–k is wrong with this world?
When I’m okay with genocide. Hey, we need the oil. Our friends are murderers but money tops human life.
What’s wrong with this world?
When I’m okay with imprisoning masses of people for profit. Who cares if poverty, mental health issues, a corrupt legal system contribute. What did Scrooge say about decreasing the surplus population? He’d be proud because politicians and corporations are making lots of money off the scum.
What in Hell is wrong with this world?
When I can screw the “least of these” out of Medicaid or tell a patient who needs an organ transplant. Go raise some funds or just f–k off and die.
What’s wrong with this world?
When I cheer for the journalist, the whistleblower, the truthteller, when I cheer for their persecution, their suffering, their imprisonment; or I just don’t give a shit that they risk it all because they love people.
Do you want to know what’s wrong with this world?

ME without mercy, compassion, humanity, and most importantly LOVE.


Day 987 Be informed

Today is Friday. Today, I cleaned for a Canadian couple who have been living in the US for awhile. They are originally from Ottawa.
They have some definite opinions about the politics here. They are not afraid to speak their mind. Gives me a good laugh.
Today, I read about the latest endeavor of the ACLU.
You should read this. It is to inform you. It is to help us understand why accountability is so important. Any organization that is empowered like this can’t be left to its own devices.
Remember John F. Kennedy? He said this agency should be broken up and scattered to the 4 winds.  He was killed later.

Shine a light.  The more of us who who do that keeps evil from practicing under darkness.

Peace my friends.💞