Day 963 Vet on the highway

Today is Tuesday. Today, I saw a grizzled old veteran standing on the opposite side of the highway. He was holding the typical cardboard sign with his message asking for help.
This gov’t spends more money on the military than any country in the world. Obscene amounts like to the tune of $639 billion dollars. Can anyone explain to me why we have homeless veterans?
I mean seriously, how many carriers, tanks, drones can we have yet we don’t have enough money to care for our military people?
Oh, I know the solution: prison. Does that disturb you? Well it should. That’s where a large number of veterans end up.
But the politicians are smiling like toothy snakes as they laud the military and many people are in love with a flag; but ,they won’t give a second look never mind a hand up to an old homeless veteran.
How f–ked up is that?

Things won’t change until we quit buying into the fear and start caring for our neighbor. No labels, just neighbor.


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