Day 960 It gets harder and harder

Today is Saturday. Today, Paul and I visited Matt. We decided to make the trip as so many things have happened notwithstanding the motion that was recently filed to fight to regain Matt’s stolen time.
Today, we talked about Sue’s passing. It was really tough. Sue has talked to Matt on the phone and sent him postcards from Italy.
You know, it gets harder and harder to do this. One would think you would get used to it; but, that is definitely not the case.
How many times can you look your kid in the eyes and he tell you how tired he is of all of this and he wants to come home?
My son saw some criminal activity on a national scale and he has paid the price of being tortured, imprisoned and his future will be on the sex offender’s registry for a crime he never committed.
Who will give him a chance? Who will come to his aid?
It is a blessing to see my son. It is also a heavy heavy burden to know he will face a different kind of persecution.
I wish I could give him hope. For now, all I can do is love and encourage him.
Today was a good day. I was able to hug my kid for a long time.

Peace my friends.

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