Day 958 Puzzle books

Today is Thursday. Today, there were snow flurries up north where I was working today. It’s a vacation home and the owners turned the thermostat down to 50. It’s hard to move one’s fingers when it’s cold.
Today, Matt doled out some puzzle books sent in by a very sweet supporter and friend to others. I am really glad the prison allows the puzzles. When Matt was at Bowling Green, he couldn’t receive puzzle books or newspapers. I guess the warden was afraid the inmates might know more than he did with his 50 word vocabulary.
Today, I just read a piece about a man who spent 25 years in solitary at a supermax prison. He was wrongly accused of a crime. No surprises there.
The fact that we even have places called “supermax” and we treat people so unforgivably horrible are a loudspeaker indictment to the cruelty in this country.
Today, I had to bite my tongue and listen to a client defend the person in the white house. I had to suffer through the Fox News propaganda as his remarks were nothing more than parroted soundbites. Ugh!
He told me Americans don’t have a clue. I almost laughed in his face. When I told him politely that I vote Green, he dismissed me.
Blessing in disguise I believe. 😉

Peace my dear friends..😘

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