Day 950 It started with stamps

Today is Wednesday. Today, I bought stamps for my peeps. The guy at the counter eyed me a bit strangely when I told him I would take any kind but flags. I explained that these stamps were going to inmates who had been grossly screwed over by our so called justice system. Sorry, I don’t mince words when it comes to the truth. All he said was “have a nice day.”
Is it me? Really, is it me? I talk to people about the cruelty, the human rights issues, the caustic system. I tell them I’m on a board with passionate people who are working tirelessly for justice reform and all I get: “have a nice day.”
Well, while I’m on a rant, how about those statements from Pat Robertson? In his short yet telling speech, he just dismissed women, murder, brutality and terrorism because “filling our coffers with money” by selling arms is what we should be focusing on.
Hey, sorry, Jesus, that peace and love thing doesn’t bring in the big money. If that isn’t a throwback to the church in Nazi Germany when Dietrich Bonhoeffer spoke out against nationalistic Christians.
What a mess we are making in this world. What a partner in crime helping brutal regimes murder entire nations of people.
I need a gallon of rocky road ice cream and a small shovel. I’m depressed.

Somebody please throw me a hug.

Peace..I still believe in it.

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