Day 941 the German and the Rwandan

Today is Monday. Today, I cleaned for a 92 year old who is German. He was imprisoned in a Russian concentration camp when he was 17. You can’t converse with him about who sits in the white house. His blue eyes turn dark and smolder.
He lived through Fascism and he sees the same tenets evolving here. I suspect he is grateful to be on his way out of this world.
Some have been tweeting out videos mostly of white women (southern)screaming and cursing at people of color. It’s very difficult to watch. The hatred is almost tangible.
I recall talking to a sweet woman from Rwanda a few months ago. She said she didn’t blame Americans for their ignorance of history and racist attitudes because the television programs here are primarily nothing but propaganda.
I found her remarks interesting. Yet the big question for me is how come many Americans can’t see through it?
I learned this a long long time ago: there are truth seekers and there are sheeple.

The risk, if you are a truthseeker and a truthteller, you might be persecuted, you might be tortured, you might be imprisoned, you might even be killed. Sheeple don’t even know or care.

Hold on to your candles. We need to light up the darkness.


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