Day 940 Harmony

Today is Sunday. Today, I sang in a choir. I am an alto. I’m okay, certainly can stay in tune; but, I’m no Adele. There are about 12 of us and we actua)y sing concert pieces.
I noticed today that alone, some of us are quiet singers, some strong, some with beautiful soprano tones and some a little uncertain bass.
But, put us altogether and wow, what a powerful and harmonious group we are.

I’m so thankful for all of you because when we put our voices together we are harmonious as we amplify the message.

So much appreciation for the positive and caring comments. They seem to come when I need them the most.

It’s not like you haven’t heard this; but, I miss my Matt. I hate the thought of another Thanksgiving and Christmas without my son.

So, we push on. We keep standing for the truth. We never let ourselves get sucked into the darkside of the empire.

Got my candle, got my integrity, got my friends..;)❤  Harmony.

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