Day 936 Presidential Alert (chills)

Today is Wednesday. Today, I received the “Presidential Alert” on my phone. My first reaction; what the hell is this?
It just gives me the chills. Now this gov’t can send it’s alerts, propaganda messages and other garbage.
It’s bad enough we live in a surveillance state; but, now we get this on our phones.
I think I’m going back to a string and 2 cans.
I can see why people want to be ludites and just disappear off the grid.

Keep Reality Winner in your prayers. She is now in an Oklahoma jail. Definitely not a nice place. The marshalls were feeding staff false and inflammatory info about Matt when he went there. I think they wanted him to have an “accident.”
It is a processing place. This young woman hasn’t received her meds and you know many of the jokers in this system are cold hearted creeps.

I’m trying to be kind.

Peace 💞

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