Day 963 Vet on the highway

Today is Tuesday. Today, I saw a grizzled old veteran standing on the opposite side of the highway. He was holding the typical cardboard sign with his message asking for help.
This gov’t spends more money on the military than any country in the world. Obscene amounts like to the tune of $639 billion dollars. Can anyone explain to me why we have homeless veterans?
I mean seriously, how many carriers, tanks, drones can we have yet we don’t have enough money to care for our military people?
Oh, I know the solution: prison. Does that disturb you? Well it should. That’s where a large number of veterans end up.
But the politicians are smiling like toothy snakes as they laud the military and many people are in love with a flag; but ,they won’t give a second look never mind a hand up to an old homeless veteran.
How f–ked up is that?

Things won’t change until we quit buying into the fear and start caring for our neighbor. No labels, just neighbor.


Day 962 3 days

Today is Monday. Today was my 3rd and final day of visiting Matt. Today we talked about history. Matt recommended a book for me titled, “Secondhand Time” written by an award winning author. It talks about self censoring under Stalin. There are too many similarities to what is happening in this country today.
Today, we talked about how we could encourage the guys who he connects with in the prison. He said they are depressed and hopeless. He is afraid that some will not make it when they are released. Many have no real home life and people they can count on to support them.
We traded lots of hugs over these past 3 days. The prison has reduced the number of visitation days; so the most is 3 days; a Saturday to Monday. I’m grateful for whatever I can get.

Hugs to my friends. You are blessings..;)❤

Day 961 Hygge

Today is Sunday. Today, Paul and I spent time with Matt. We talked about the cloud of punishment, retribution and shaming in this country.
We talked about the vicious rhetoric that inspires those filled with hatred and racism to commit heinous acts. We talked about the fearmongering that divides neighbor from neighbor.
In Denmark, there is a concept called Hygge. It is as much a part of the Danes dna as freedom is for Americans. The Danes are the happiest people in the world because they are taken care of from cradle to grave. No Dane would ever suffer someone to be homeless or hungry. They believe in taking care of each other. Hygge is like a giant national hug.
Can you imagine what it would be like if we weren’t hurling insults, living in suspicion of your neighbor, acting out hatred with violence; but, working to help each other thrive?
I sat in a prison today visiting my son and all I could do was look around and weep. Many of these guys are afraid of when they will be released. Retaliation, retribution, shaming, exclusion, homelessness, starvation and persecution await them.
I want to change that. Don’t you?


Day 960 It gets harder and harder

Today is Saturday. Today, Paul and I visited Matt. We decided to make the trip as so many things have happened notwithstanding the motion that was recently filed to fight to regain Matt’s stolen time.
Today, we talked about Sue’s passing. It was really tough. Sue has talked to Matt on the phone and sent him postcards from Italy.
You know, it gets harder and harder to do this. One would think you would get used to it; but, that is definitely not the case.
How many times can you look your kid in the eyes and he tell you how tired he is of all of this and he wants to come home?
My son saw some criminal activity on a national scale and he has paid the price of being tortured, imprisoned and his future will be on the sex offender’s registry for a crime he never committed.
Who will give him a chance? Who will come to his aid?
It is a blessing to see my son. It is also a heavy heavy burden to know he will face a different kind of persecution.
I wish I could give him hope. For now, all I can do is love and encourage him.
Today was a good day. I was able to hug my kid for a long time.

Peace my friends.

Day 959 solitude

Today is Friday. Today, I am in transit.

This is called solitude. Sometimes we just need to step back, refocus, and take sometime for a bit of solitude.

This is a watercolour I did for an older man who has some serious medical issues.  I clean his apartment.  He lives alone and I wanted him to know he wasn’t alone..;)

Everyone needs someone in his or her corner.


Day 958 Puzzle books

Today is Thursday. Today, there were snow flurries up north where I was working today. It’s a vacation home and the owners turned the thermostat down to 50. It’s hard to move one’s fingers when it’s cold.
Today, Matt doled out some puzzle books sent in by a very sweet supporter and friend to others. I am really glad the prison allows the puzzles. When Matt was at Bowling Green, he couldn’t receive puzzle books or newspapers. I guess the warden was afraid the inmates might know more than he did with his 50 word vocabulary.
Today, I just read a piece about a man who spent 25 years in solitary at a supermax prison. He was wrongly accused of a crime. No surprises there.
The fact that we even have places called “supermax” and we treat people so unforgivably horrible are a loudspeaker indictment to the cruelty in this country.
Today, I had to bite my tongue and listen to a client defend the person in the white house. I had to suffer through the Fox News propaganda as his remarks were nothing more than parroted soundbites. Ugh!
He told me Americans don’t have a clue. I almost laughed in his face. When I told him politely that I vote Green, he dismissed me.
Blessing in disguise I believe. 😉

Peace my dear friends..😘

Day 957 Pete’s comfort

Today is Wednesday. Today, I was amazed at how animals can sense pain; emotional pain in us. I went to clean a house this morning. A dog, named Pete, lives there. Pete usually runs and hides when I bring the vacuum out. Today, he stayed close by me just rubbing his face against my leg even while I was vacuuming. His owner was mystified. I didn’t think about it much; I just appreciated his sweetness. He didn’t want to leave me.
At the second house I cleaned, the owner had gotten a new puppy. The puppy was in a cage. I took her out. She buried her head under my chin, then she started to lick my cheek, my ears and my neck. It was the I realized these animals were comforting me. I had been crying through out the day.
My sweet friend, Sue Crabtree, passed away after battling lung cancer.
I never got to hug my friend before she left this world.
Don’t wait to spend time with those you love.

Peace my friends. I’m sending out hugs to all of you.💞