Day 930 my two cents

Today is Thursday. Today, I want to know if there is a safe place to go where politics is not spoken; where people’s vehement and judgemental opinions about some politician won’t be shared.
As a woman, I understand why other women have kept silent about sexual assault. I also know that not everyone is honest.
Today, I heard a couple of men I respect just dismiss women as something akin to hysterical liars because they feel for Kavanaugh.
I have to tell you that I was beyond anger. I cried. I have faced the same mysoginistic attitudes nearly my entire life and I’ve managed not to become a bitter women or a man hater.
I am married to a guy who respects women as his equal and I have a son who is like his dad.
Here are my thoughts. I have NO respect for Republicans or Democrats. Same coin; just opposite sides.

As for Kavanaugh, before Dr Ford came forward, I saw how this man looked at and dismissed the father of a slain student. That showed me all I needed to know about this man’s character. 👎


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