Day 929. My son gets caged

Today is Wednesday. Today, I learned from my son, Matt, that after 2 years of being in a dorm type environment, he will be moved tomorrow morning to a different unit where he will be put in a cage (cell).
I don’t know what has sparked this decision and neither does Matt. He was very excited about working with a group of guys on a food sustainability project and now I’m not sure they will be able to continue with that.
Because he is changing units, he will be out of communication with us. They have
to reset the phones for the new unit. No eta on that piece.

I keep telling myself that I live in this country called America. I don’t have to fear monsters under my bed because many of those monsters are out in the open running this country.

Hold on to your’s a dark place these days.


One thought on “Day 929. My son gets caged

  1. Melody Bourgeois September 27, 2018 / 11:27 am

    Father in Heaven, we ask for your LEGIONS OF ANGELS to surround Matt and his family today and every day! Light their way with your truth, peace and love….carry them so their feet will not stumble on the debris below them, beside them, above them….carry them… tuck them under your mighty wing. We ask this in the name of Jesus. ❤

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