Day 923 Apples

Today is Thursday. Today, I managed to get home at a decent hour. I walked through leaves and smelled the earthiness of autumn. Apples are ready. The orchard down the road is just bursting with apples.
Matt asks us everyday to describe what we see and do. We all keep wondering when he will be released.
Today, I received a letter from my young autistic friend. He has to do Federal time in addition to his state sentence. He thinks he might be able to serve both sentences concurrently.
Yes, you can serve time for an alleged crime and then the Feds pick you up for the same crime. Double jeopardy you say. This gov’t doesn’t care about people, the Constitution, laws or what’s right. It’s all about money.
Today, I received a message from someone who read documents relating to Matt’s case in Canada. The comment was about how different the Canadian system was compared to the US system.
Yup. It’s a farce on this side of the border.


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