Day 909 vacuum

Today is Thursday. Today, my vacuum hose came apart. I thought that really sucks; but, it didn’t, quite literally.
I was just finishing up before washing the floors. I searched the client’s house for ducktape. Surely everybody has a roll of ducktape lying around. Nope. Not in this house.
I stared at the dog’s kibbles collecting in corners and under cabinets along with clumps of black hair. Only a vacuum would do.
I was advised to make a run to a vacuum repair. I did. You are going to love this one. There is a repair shop that has bat wings on it’s sign. They fix vacuums and sewing machines. You ready for this?
The shop name is Vacman and Bobbin.
I laughed at that one for a good 30 minutes.
The owner provided me a new hose. In the true fashion of super heroes, this guy saved the day for me or at least helped me finish my last two jobs..😀👍
You never know when a frustrating event is going to lead you to not only a positive outcome; but, a good laugh along the way.
Hugs beautiful people..💞💞😉

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