Day 932 activists, anarchists, bohemians and the rest of us

Today is Saturday. Today, Paul and I went to Burlington, VT. I was surrounded by mercy for animals and peace activists, anarchists, bohemians and everyone in between. I heard le Francais encore et c’etait tres marvellieux!
What a glorious day and what a wonderful opportunity to be around so many different people. It was 72 degrees and the sky was a crisp blue.
We stretched out on green grass at the Water Front Park and just gazed at the sailboats gliding across Lake Champlain.
The mountains across the lake will make you sigh; they are so beautiful.
Matt called this evening and he was truly excited that his parents went on an adventure.
I hope one day soon we will all have these kind of adventures together.

Peace my friends. 🌞💞

Day 931 a window with shutters

Today is Friday. Tonight, I received a short call from Matt. I swear that guy would see something positive even in a mud puddle.
He was describing where he is housed and you’d think it was the Marriott if you didn’t know he was in prison.
He told me his bed is near a window with shutters that he can open and get fresh air. He can see the trees changing color.
His unit has a courtyard and he spent most of his day out there.
Stuff becomes relative and you learn to be grateful for even the smallest things.
Paul and I are so happy that he sounded good even though he has been moved to a cell.
Today, I am doing my best to squirrel away some funds. His mum needs to go see him. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.
Don’t forget to tell those around you how important they are to you and then love on them.💞


Day 930 my two cents

Today is Thursday. Today, I want to know if there is a safe place to go where politics is not spoken; where people’s vehement and judgemental opinions about some politician won’t be shared.
As a woman, I understand why other women have kept silent about sexual assault. I also know that not everyone is honest.
Today, I heard a couple of men I respect just dismiss women as something akin to hysterical liars because they feel for Kavanaugh.
I have to tell you that I was beyond anger. I cried. I have faced the same mysoginistic attitudes nearly my entire life and I’ve managed not to become a bitter women or a man hater.
I am married to a guy who respects women as his equal and I have a son who is like his dad.
Here are my thoughts. I have NO respect for Republicans or Democrats. Same coin; just opposite sides.

As for Kavanaugh, before Dr Ford came forward, I saw how this man looked at and dismissed the father of a slain student. That showed me all I needed to know about this man’s character. 👎


Day 929. My son gets caged

Today is Wednesday. Today, I learned from my son, Matt, that after 2 years of being in a dorm type environment, he will be moved tomorrow morning to a different unit where he will be put in a cage (cell).
I don’t know what has sparked this decision and neither does Matt. He was very excited about working with a group of guys on a food sustainability project and now I’m not sure they will be able to continue with that.
Because he is changing units, he will be out of communication with us. They have
to reset the phones for the new unit. No eta on that piece.

I keep telling myself that I live in this country called America. I don’t have to fear monsters under my bed because many of those monsters are out in the open running this country.

Hold on to your’s a dark place these days.


Day 928 Barley House

Today is Tuesday. Tonight, Paul and I went out to a local pub called the Barley House. We had a wonderful Irish stew flavored with Guinness beer. Chunks of braised beef and root vegetables covered by a rich dark gravy. It tasted incredible. Every Tuesday night a group of mostly men and a few women bring their Irish flutes, fiddle, guitars, banjo and accordians to play some Celtic music.
It’s very casual and very knee slapping and toe tapping.
Tonight, Paul and I needed to escape and do something other than a routine of work and taking care of other issues.
It was a treat to be sure. We sat at a round table and as the music filled the pub, we both sighed and said we wished the third person of this little DeHart community was sitting in the empty chair.
Gosh. There is such a big hole in my heart.
Matt called earlier today because he said he needed to encourage his sad mum.
I wish everyone could be loved like that.
I’m one of the most blessed mums on the planet. ;)❤

Peace and warm hugs dear friends.

Day 927 churned up

Today is Monday. Today, Matt shared some of the gov’t’s responses to the motion to restore his time. Who holds these duplicitous and arrogant monsters accountable.
One piece of info provided disputes the lies one agent told under oath. Does anyone in this system have one shred of integrity? That’s a rehetorical question.
I need to stop. This stuff churns me up badly inside. I refuse to give into hatred and I’m getting close.

Much love my friends. Your messages of encouragement are like honey on freshly baked bread.😉😘


Day 926 Make some noise!

Today is Sunday. Today, I want to share something that I want people to make a noise about.
A young woman, Reality Winner (if you don’t know this tragic story, you need to educate yourself), is being bounced around in prisons. It is purposeful, standard and cruel. It is designed to break a person psychologically. Can you hear her mom crying? I CAN. They did this to my son. I know the pain she is feeling.
Reality went from one prison and then recently to an ICE detention center in Bakersfield! Why? She has nothing with her but her Bible with friends names and addresses in it.
Why???? This is cruel and vindictive.
Please reach out.
Twitter: #justice4reality