Day 900 Crickets

Today is Tuesday. Today is 900 days since my son was forced to plea to garbage charges.
Matt has managed to survive torture, agency abuses and now the removal of his time by the BOP.
I remember when we were in Canada. One of our Canadian lawyers, a man I love and admire greatly and still connect with, asked us how we and Matt were doing. Matt had been violated and put back in prison.
Paul said, “It’s a good day. We heard from our son, he’s safe and he was fed.”
Our lawyer teared up and after composing himself said, “What kind of measure is that?”
Even the member who was deciding our fates was moved to compassion. The gov’t’s representative was sympathetic, too.
Here, the lying vindictive prosecutor slaps the duplicitous fbi agent on the back and laughs.
It’s just a farce as I have said countless times.
Today, I heard Sen Graham give his tearfilled eulogy of John McCain.
I don’t know what’s in people’s hearts but I have to tell you it fell on deaf ears for me.
My son was tortured. Where is the outcry from Sen. Graham and any other senator?

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