Day 895 A system of empty tombs

Today is Thursday. Today, heavy heavy sigh. Today, Reality was sentenced to 63 months in prison. Today, I have given up hope totally and completely that there is any integrity, mercy or reason in this pathetic system. It is filled with empty tombs instead of human beings.
Today, I painted after coming home from work. It keeps me focused, balanced.
Today, I worked on a piece for a prize. My justice reform group is hosting a barbecue for those who have loved ones in prison. There will be items to auction and raffle.  I will quilt around my painting to make a pillow.

It is called “encourager.”  I am reminded that it’s not based on our size, our financial status, our politics, our beliefs; but our heart.  We all can encourage.  Reality and her family will need support and encouragement like so many others in prison.

My people in prison tell me often that they have hope because of me.  It’s not because I’m special.  It’s because I care deeply about human beings; especially those who are suffering.  And, I do not want to be an empty tomb.

I truly believe love will overcome.  Let’s get busy sharing.


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