Day 881 Iggy

Today is Thursday.Today, I met a white cat named Iggy. Iggy has just a bit of black on his tail and left ear. He has striking bluish green eyes and he was my guide to cleaning a very cluttered and not so clean house.
Iggy lounged on a bed as he watched me vacuum. I could almost read his mind.
Geesh, lady. How the hell are you going to suck up my hair when the closet full of clothes exploded all over the floor?
He was right of course. I had to put the strewn tees, jeans, bras and other items into a pile before removing a half inch of white hair from a black and white zebra striped carpet.
When I finished cleaning a toilet that some idiot decided to cut his hair over, Iggy poked his pink nose over the rim to make certain I had done a thorough job.  I think I passed muster.
I took a break half way through my 3 hour assignment and chugged down my iced coffee. Iggy wanted a scratch behind the ears. When I stopped, he yowled at me until I scratched him again.
“Do I get a tip for this work?” I asked him.
Those eyes held mine. Here’s your tip, lady. You should have called out sick for this job.
I love cats. Don’t you?

Peace and blessings..😀😉💞💞

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