Day 880 Headless people

Today is Wednesday. Matt is down to 4 minutes until they renew on Friday. To those who ask, yes, we spend several hundred dollars each month to pay for telephone minutes, clothing and food. We have been doing this for literally years. No, we are not rich. Like most who have someone in prison, you learn to live without things if you are in a position to support the inmate.

Today, I was driving downtown, when I hit my brakes at a sight that sent shivers up my spine. There were 3 headless individuals standing on a sidewalk. It took my eyes a few seconds to catch up with my brain. The 3 individuals were fully dressed manikins without heads.

I laughed at first reaction. I mean, how unlikely would real people be standing without props if they were headless?
But, you know, isn’t that what we are like sometimes? Don’t we throw out our logic, our reason, our brains/heads when it comes to truth?
We will accept propaganda without doing our own research. We will believe things like people are guilty instead of innocent until proven otherwise. We will accept that whistle blowers are messengers to be punished when they are trying to warn us of serious criminality.
We will turn a blind eye to honest journalists being persecuted, imprisoned and sometimes killed for holding governments accountable. In this country, journalism is protected under the First Amendment.
I have heard a number of people say it’s okay that we cage children and treat them horribly because their parents shouldn’t have tried to come here.
You might as well talk about unscrewing your head and tossing it out into the street.
And my favorite brainless dribble, our government cares about us.

Use your head. Question more. Read, discuss, pay attention to action. Words without action are just that, words. Make a difference for good.

Don’t be a headless manikin.

Peace my friends.

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