Day 873 the Oven

Today is Wednesday. Today, I spent a very long day cleaning 2 houses. The second house was rather dirty. One of my tasks was to clean an oven that had not been cleaned in several years. You can imagine what that looked like and it was worse.
I scrubbed and I scrubbed after spraying oven cleaner and letting it sit in a warm oven for 45 minutes.
I think I did a partcularly nice job; but, there was a black charred stain in the center of the oven that no amount of scrubbing would remove.
Truthfully, the stove was not clean. Oh, the outside gleamed after I got through with it; but, the inside was still stained.
The stove could be analagous to people, systems and government. Many will make an effort to appear shiny, just, and decent. Yet, deep within is a stain of lies, injustice, greed and duplicity that can’t be scrubbed away.
I hold out no hope that this so called justice system will do right by my son since it is the same charred system that put him in prison in the first place.
But, I always hold out hope that there are good and honest hearts out there who are trying to make a difference.
Call me a fool. I mean, who willing sticks her head into someone else’s nasty oven?

Peace my beautiful friends.💞

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