Day 902 clones

Today is Thursday. Today, we love, we forgive, and we step away when we must to ensure that there is peace and that our differences don’t cloud or jeopardize the greater good.
For a community to be strong; it’s not about everyone being clones. It’s about respect and trust. It’s about seeing beyond the externals and into the internal motivations and the actions that confirm..or not.
Peace. 💞

Day 901 Things to be thankful for

Today is Wednesday. Today, as I was headed to work I saw at least a dozen turkeys by the marsh just eating. They are so funny looking I laughed halfway to the office.
I am thankful for: wild turkeys
chipmunks zipping across the road like mad racecar drivers
mountains in my horizon
the early call of a loon
food in my belly
a cool refreshing shower after a sweaty day working
my dear sweet friend sending me goodies from th UK
a glass of cold crisp white wine
Matt telling me I’m the best
lots of bees buzzing around hydrangeas
messages of love and support
friends who make you feel bigger than life
homemade blueberry scones
lobster for $5.99 a pound
non gmo food
2 short squat bulldogs named Bella and Alice who think I’m coming to visit them instead of cleaning their owner’s home
five dollars in my pocket to give to a homeless woman
coloured pencils
getting lost on back roads
a song on the radio that captures your feelings.                                                                   Paul’ s wacky sense of humour
an answered prayer


Day 900 Crickets

Today is Tuesday. Today is 900 days since my son was forced to plea to garbage charges.
Matt has managed to survive torture, agency abuses and now the removal of his time by the BOP.
I remember when we were in Canada. One of our Canadian lawyers, a man I love and admire greatly and still connect with, asked us how we and Matt were doing. Matt had been violated and put back in prison.
Paul said, “It’s a good day. We heard from our son, he’s safe and he was fed.”
Our lawyer teared up and after composing himself said, “What kind of measure is that?”
Even the member who was deciding our fates was moved to compassion. The gov’t’s representative was sympathetic, too.
Here, the lying vindictive prosecutor slaps the duplicitous fbi agent on the back and laughs.
It’s just a farce as I have said countless times.
Today, I heard Sen Graham give his tearfilled eulogy of John McCain.
I don’t know what’s in people’s hearts but I have to tell you it fell on deaf ears for me.
My son was tortured. Where is the outcry from Sen. Graham and any other senator?

Day 899 Music

Today is Monday. Today, I received a letter from one of my people I write. I had sent him stamps and put money on his commissary. He was very surprised and almost joyous in his letter.
His name is Joe. He was charged with a crime he didn’t commit and was forced into a plea deal. We’ve spent a number of letters discussing the rotting justice system. It gives him some comfort to know I see it and understand what he’s had to wrestle with.
Joe loves music and he talks about how he used to play guitar. Hmmmm…that got me thinking. I would like to get him a guitar. I suspect it would have to come from the commissary.
So, I am going to do a bit of research and try saving some money.
Music has a special way of comforting the heart. Joe will be in prison probably til he dies.
Fuck the system. It is how I feel and I will not apologise.
Music. I can’t give him his life back; but, I can try and give him what he loves.

Peace..somedays it’s hard to come by.

Day 898 When daylight comes

Today is Sunday.  Today, I went with Paul.  He was “on call” so, he had a couple of patients to visit today.

Today, I reflected over the past week(s) and I’m mindful of the grief of others as their loved ones have been imprisoned or lost trials.

When daylight comes

It is staring into the black and grey ashes.                                                    Stirred, they float upwards filling the air.  They blind, they choke, they taste bitter.                                                         One can’t tell where the darkness begins and ends.

But, when daylight comes there is a a sense of clarity, integrity, truth long before anguished thoughts are stilled, before the ache in being is soothed.

There are degrees, there are shades of evil.                                                                           The most abominable; those whose hands devise wicked plots to snare the innocent, the brave, the tender hearted.                                                           Those who scheme with the obscene lovers of war; power leeches; greedy gobblers; pornographers of violence.

But, when daylight comes the filthy and cowardly scurry like roaches to their high places, to their high nests where a mockery is made of decency, justice, goodness, of honor.

Sometimes it may seem the only comfort, a distant comfort to the suffering.                                                       But hope even just a pinch can be that small candle that refuses to extinguish as the night storm rages.

But, when daylight comes belief that we stood alone was only a shadow and clearly daylight will show us too many hands to count reaching out.

For all of those suffering persecution, suffering injustice.


Day 897 sent a letter

Today is Saturday. Today, I sent Marty Gottesfeld a card. I am feeling very ashamed of myself for dragging my feet.
I had no words for him after his guilty verdict. But, it’s not about the right words; it’s about being supportive; about showing that I care.
Today, I reached out to one of my sweetest friends, who has cancer. She doesn’t think she’s going to make it. I feel a big hole in my heart already.
Today, Matt and I talked about kayaking. He wants me to try snowshoeing. LOL. We hold out hope that we will be a family again.

Peace my friends..💞💞💞

Day 896 yes, day 896

Today is Friday. Today, I am exhausted after working 5 jobs. Super woman..nope. My joints are screaming at me.
Today, I received a letter from one of my caged people. He said he can’t stop crying. I suspect depression in addition to his ptsd.
Do you ever just want to run out to a deserted spot and just scream?
I think that I am helping and maybe I am; but it never ever feels like enough.
Today is 896 days from the time my son was coerced to taking a plea. If you want to know how our “justice system” doesn’t work, I’ve included an article.
Today, I’m tired; but tomorrow is a new day.💞

Day 895 A system of empty tombs

Today is Thursday. Today, heavy heavy sigh. Today, Reality was sentenced to 63 months in prison. Today, I have given up hope totally and completely that there is any integrity, mercy or reason in this pathetic system. It is filled with empty tombs instead of human beings.
Today, I painted after coming home from work. It keeps me focused, balanced.
Today, I worked on a piece for a prize. My justice reform group is hosting a barbecue for those who have loved ones in prison. There will be items to auction and raffle.  I will quilt around my painting to make a pillow.

It is called “encourager.”  I am reminded that it’s not based on our size, our financial status, our politics, our beliefs; but our heart.  We all can encourage.  Reality and her family will need support and encouragement like so many others in prison.

My people in prison tell me often that they have hope because of me.  It’s not because I’m special.  It’s because I care deeply about human beings; especially those who are suffering.  And, I do not want to be an empty tomb.

I truly believe love will overcome.  Let’s get busy sharing.


Day 894 more than a pound of flesh

Today is Wednesday. Today, I got caught in the pouring down rain. Today, I was nipped by a dog that gets freaked by my mop.
Today, I wondered what a young woman was thinking as she faces being sentenced tomorrow.
I’d Iike to think there will be mercy. I’d like to think her service, her record, her patriotism, her very good heart would be considered.
The fact that Reality Winner was imprisoned at all should be a very good indicator of just how far from truth, transparency, and justice this gov’t has fallen.
When we observe the moral decay as agency leaders and politicians lie, obfuscate, engage in criminal behaviour and make a mockery of our constitution, it only makes sense in a warped and sad way that someone with conviction and conscience would be burned.
I have no words of comfort. I have no illusions that this brave soul will suffer much more than their requirement of “a pound of flesh.”
My prayer is that the judge will see reason. He will see a young woman who loves people; that he will see the hypocrisy of imprisoning her when those who betrayed the people walk free; that he would spare her from 5 years in prison.

The lullaby above for a sweet young woman tonight who faces a giant.


Day 893 Sweet music 🎶

Today is Tuesday. Tonight was my justice reform meeting. Tonight, I met a university student, who is an activist for prison reform and human rights.
She wanted to know about Matt and his case. I suspect some university students are going to get a wake up call.
I am so encouraged to be a part of a group of people who want prison reform and fight for prisoners’ rights.
We have such a diverse bunch with some incredible resumes.
You know what is a wonderful end to the day? Hearing my son laugh before I go to sleep. Sweet music.🎶

Blessings and peace my friends.😉💜