Day 872 the Empire’s Stormtroopers

Today is Tuesday. Today, I remembered a conversation I had with my friends from Canada before they left me.
It seems they were harrassed at the border, every item in their car looked through and my one friend who went to Haiti to help do some construction work as a service project was questioned about the stamp on his passport. The border officer did not know where Port au Prince was or that it is the capitol of a country called Haiti.
So, here is what I see. You hire ignorant people and feed them a load of crap about our neighbors to the North and create a gang of bullies to police the border.
You hire power hungry people and let them loose with a badge and a gun.
You hire decent people and scare the living hell out of them should they question unethical policies.
What have you created?
Yes, the Empire has walking, talking, obedient stormtroopers.
As one of my friends says “up the rebels.”

Stormtrooper…I will not walk that way. Will you?


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