Day 869 Friends

Today is Saturday. Today, I spent some time with friends before they took a trip into Boston. Today, another friend across the sea checked in on me. Today, my friend in Pine City told me she loved me. Today, a sweet friend from NJ, bought a bunch of puzzle books and mailed them to Matt so he can share.
There is no price on the value of real friends. There is nothing that compares to being loved as you are and feeling safe with those who know you.
Today, I spoke with Matt. He is my best buddy besides Paul. He will spend precious minutes to call me midday sometimes just to tell me what agood person I am and he’s very proud of me. Gosh, I can’t hardly write this without tearing up. That’s what love does. It shines a light on the good things about others.
Take time this week to shine a light on those good characteristics of others you know.
Actually, I am going to follow my own advice and highlight others I know.
But, back to friends; it only takes one loving friend to counteract 100 enemies.

Peace my dear friends…know that you are loved.💞

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