Day 855 God’s art

Today is Saturday. Today, I went to work to clean a cabin in the woods; yes, literally a cabin in the woods. The 3 bedroom one level cabin sits on French Pond. As I was grumbling about having to work a Saturday, I was confronted by the sheer beauty of my surroundings. While mopping floors, I could see through expansive windows a lone kayaker just skimming the surface of water as still as glass.
Birds were calling to each other and dragonflies darted here and there.
If you don’t forget yourself, you miss the incredible beauty. It was such a perfect gift. Even when a short passing shower dotted my just cleaned windows, I marveled at the drops clinging to the glass. It was as if a handful of diamonds had been thrown in my direction.
There is much injustice, much evil and much suffering in this world; but, if we don’t take a few moments to look away, we can miss the beauty that has always been here.
So, today, when I was done with my job, I stood on the deck and admired God’s art.

Peace my dear friends.

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