Day 854 Private prison

Today is Friday. Today was a very long day. Today, I received a letter fro one of my caged people by the name of Joe.
Joe is in the cell with my autistic buddy who I write. Joe tells me that he watches over my buddy and loves to read the letters I send.
He let me know how my buddy shares his toiletries. Joe used to be in a HVAC program and he made slave wages which he saved up for soap and deodorant. The instructor for the program either quit or was let go. The prison decided to cancel the program instead of hiring someone new. This means Joe lost his ability to work and make money. There are no other jobs available and Joe has no one to support him. He gets no toiletries, no stamps, no writing supplies unless other prisoners help him out. He wants a study Bible.
I am smirking. I have another guy to help.
How can I say no. I need a rich uncle to adopt me ha ha ha.
Seriously, I sat and I cried. I’m not out to save the world, because I can’t. But my heart won’t let me ignore another soul in prison and this guy just happens to be innocent.
If you want to do something kind for a stranger, Joe needs soap and shampoo. I have to put funds on an account for him.
Did I mention he is in a private prison in Tennessee? All that money being funneled in to line the pockets of politicians and shareholders.
That’s your capitalism in all it’s full glory.
Kinda puts a crack in the belief that people are in prison because they deserve to be there. Not so; it’s all about making money. Hence, humanity becomes commodity.

Peace my friends. There are hundreds of thousands of Joes and my autistic buddy.

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