Day 852 Human Rights Defense Center

Today is Wednesday. Today, I am going to share a link. I know many of you realize just how ugly and corrupt the US justice system is and how Stalinesque our prison system is here. But, I am certain you have friends and family, who really don’t have a clue. You can’t try to change something, you can’t get involved if you know little to nothing about a subject.
You can subscribe for free and read about pertinent issues regarding human rights that affect the incarcerated and those released.
We can be a force for change, a force for good. My experience is that if you believe in people and encourage them to do better, most will try to soar instead of just flying.
What if you were thrown into prison and let’s just say you did something stupid. You’ve learned quickly that bad decisions lead to suffering. Wouldn’t you want a second chance to do better?
There are millions of people in that boat. Lots are innocent and most are imprisoned for non violent crimes when mercy and redirection would have sufficed.
Human beings are not trash to be tossed aside and discarded as such. They certainly don’t deserve to be punished for the rest of their lives after enduring our gulags.
Read, share, educate, discuss, change lives.

Peace my friends. If we, who care, keep silent, how can we help those, who’ve been silenced, received injustice, suffered?

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