Day 849 3000 caged children

Today is Sunday. Today, I heard someone ask for prayers for the 12 Thai children stuck in a cave. I’m glad and grateful that some people are concerned about children no matter where they are from.
I wonder how many people are concerned about the 3000 children our gov’t’s boots known as ICE have taken from parents, shipped all over this country to detention centers and put in cages? Over 100 kids are below the age of 5.
I am pained to have heard a self proclaimed Christian from Oklahoma defend this barbaric treatment of asylum seekers and their children.
I would say he was more of a nationalist because I couldn’t find anything in his statement resembling Christ’s compassion.

Once upon a time the statue of Liberty stood for compassion. Now it’s just a big piece of copper covered steel planted on Liberty Island.

Peace…something those little children don’t have.

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