Day 848 Sailing together

Today is Saturday. Today, I had the very pleasant opportunity to see sailboats in Boston harbor.
There was not a single one floating in the the blue by itself, solo, alone. On the contrary, dozens of sailboats dotted the harbor with their white sails and colorful hulls. Some were big and others small; some ornate and some simple; but, they share the same characteristics that define them as sailboats and they sailed together.
I see things simply. We as people have innumerable experiences that make us different, yet, we share the same basic characteristis that make us human.
No one is more valuable than someone else; although some would try to make distinctions based on race, gender, culture, religion, status, etc.
We are all sailboats trying to navigate this world, this life. We can sail together can’t we?
Today, I saw some people who seemed alone and drowning. These people need a life ring and a chance to sail again. No one should have to sail alone; or worse, tread water when there are so many boats on the ocean.

Today, I am thankful for my son, who sees those around him drowning in despair. He throws out a life ring and works on trying to help them.

Peace friends and sailors..;)❤

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