Day 847 Genuine caring

Today is Friday. Today, I want to encourage someone who may think my care and concern is based on that person’s actions, deeds, instead of the fact that I care just because I care.
In a very superficial environment where money, status, and a whole host of tribal behaviour gets you attention and recognition via social media; people are desperate for affirmation, for acceptance, for love.
Love is a choice and transcends all of the other nonsense. Forgiveness says “I know you mess up; but, so do I.”
If I tell you that I care or I love you, it doesn’t mean I stop just because you might piss me off. I have known betrayal and let me tell you, I have forgiven and I moved on. Life is too short to spend kvetching and hating. There are too many nasty people out there doing that already.
Tonight, Matt called to ask us to pray for a guy whose name he didn’t know because the poor dude hurt himself.
My son is such a humanitarian. I really miss just being with him. I sat on my deck tonight thinking about how much he will love the sounds of the forest.

Today, I hit a squirrel on the way to another assignment. Geesh! I cried all the way there. Yup. I do care about all creatures; animals and the two legged kind.😉😊💞

Peace my friends.

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