Day 844 scarecrow

Today is Tuesday. Today, I cleaned the 2 bedroom apartment of an 86 year old woman. You know, this is a really hard job; but, a few of the people I meet are just priceless. This lady is one of them. She suffers from macular degeneration. She’s petite, feisty and she is very outspoken about how we don’t take care of our homeless people and those suffering from mental illness.
Gosh, it is so refreshing to meet people who actually care about those around them. She had a few words for those who selfishly don’t share with people who are struggling.
Today, I made an old lady smile. Today, she told me that not only could I clean; but, I was a great conversationalist for someone who cleans houses. Oh my did that make me laugh. After I left her place and hopped in my car, I started singing the the lyrics to one of the songs in the “Wizard of Oz” “…I could while away the hours conversing with the flowers if I only had a brain.” Just an empty headed scarecrow am I..:)
You know, it really doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things because my resume doesn’t seem to impress too many people. And, I would rather people remember that I was kind, I laugh easily and I made them feel special.
Matt is always making me feel like I’m larger than life. What better way to honour him than to pass it on.

Be kind to a stranger. You never know if you are in the presence of angels.

Much love.

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