Day 872 the Empire’s Stormtroopers

Today is Tuesday. Today, I remembered a conversation I had with my friends from Canada before they left me.
It seems they were harrassed at the border, every item in their car looked through and my one friend who went to Haiti to help do some construction work as a service project was questioned about the stamp on his passport. The border officer did not know where Port au Prince was or that it is the capitol of a country called Haiti.
So, here is what I see. You hire ignorant people and feed them a load of crap about our neighbors to the North and create a gang of bullies to police the border.
You hire power hungry people and let them loose with a badge and a gun.
You hire decent people and scare the living hell out of them should they question unethical policies.
What have you created?
Yes, the Empire has walking, talking, obedient stormtroopers.
As one of my friends says “up the rebels.”

Stormtrooper…I will not walk that way. Will you?


Day 871 Rivers

Today is Monday. Today, the rivers are high and their currents are making the waters race around bends, jump outcroppings of rocks, and steal fallen limbs from banks.
Sometimes, if we’re not careful, we can be pulled from our banks and swept away by a river filled with others’ agendas, ideas, and causes making us lose sight of our own needs.
I spoke to a sweet lady today, who felt guilty that she was not involved in some other projects because she was quite busy taking care of her child who has some serious issues.
It’s okay to step away, unplug, get some perspective.There are times in our lives that we have sit in shallow pools and deal with things without being overwhelmed.
We all need a “time out” if you will; a period to regroup.
So, if we pull ourselves out of the raging river and climb on some lone rock for a little while to catch our breath, soak up some sun, and get our bearings, it doesn’t mean we’ve abandoned all those other things. We can plunge back in when we feel stronger, maybe less encumbered.
The love is always there. You will see it in the glints and sparkles as the sunlight dances across the moving water.
Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others.
Most of us are in over our heads and we need to feel safe at times.

I really do love my friends. Hugs, hugs and more hugs💞

Day 870 bags of supplies

Today is Sunday. Today, I filled several bags for my friend Manny to deliver to a group of homeless people, who have a camp in a vacant lot.
He started to cry. I told him that he could pass out the bags of supplies from him.
We talked about me baking one of my mega sized cakes and taking it out to these poor people.
Everyone needs to be treated special in his/her life. People who have to deal with hard luck situations shouldn’t have to keep getting ignored or worse, kicked in the teeth.
For the dude out there who insists I get too emotional about this kind of stuff:
If you ever become homeless, you’d better hope and pray you meet someone like me who gives a damn.

Peace my friends. Let’s sow some kindness..;)❤

Day 869 Friends

Today is Saturday. Today, I spent some time with friends before they took a trip into Boston. Today, another friend across the sea checked in on me. Today, my friend in Pine City told me she loved me. Today, a sweet friend from NJ, bought a bunch of puzzle books and mailed them to Matt so he can share.
There is no price on the value of real friends. There is nothing that compares to being loved as you are and feeling safe with those who know you.
Today, I spoke with Matt. He is my best buddy besides Paul. He will spend precious minutes to call me midday sometimes just to tell me what agood person I am and he’s very proud of me. Gosh, I can’t hardly write this without tearing up. That’s what love does. It shines a light on the good things about others.
Take time this week to shine a light on those good characteristics of others you know.
Actually, I am going to follow my own advice and highlight others I know.
But, back to friends; it only takes one loving friend to counteract 100 enemies.

Peace my dear friends…know that you are loved.💞

Day 868 darkness will never extinguish our light

Today is Friday.  Today some beautiful friends from Canada are coming to visit.  Our one friend visited Matt in prison there and when Matt was out on bond, came to see us regularly.

I am very happy to see them again.  Only Matt won’t be with us this time.

Today, we just keep moving toward the light.  Darkness can be a matter of attitude.  We De Harts have long ago decided that  darkness will never extinguish our light.

Peace my dear friends💞

Day 867 Homelessness sucks

Today is Thursday. Today, as I was on my way to another assignment, I found myself waiting at a light before getting onto the ramp for the highway. There was a median to the left of me. Standing in the heat and humidity, a lady held up a cardboard sign telling the world she was homeless. She stared at the ground and I got the distinct feeling that she felt ashamed.
I rolled down my window and called out to her. She came over to my car. I had $10.00 in my wallet. Sometimes I get an iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts to keep me hydrated throughout the day. I suppose I could have gotten myself several iced coffees with $10. I handed her the ten. She said, “God bless you.”
Well He already does. I have job, a place to lay my head at night, and food in my fridge.
I asked her name. It was Sue. She told me she had her name on 3 housing lists and all the shelters in the city were full.
I just started to cry. (I know you are not surprised by this.)
Sue started to cry, too. She was consoling me as I cried for her. What a sight we must have been.
I shouted that “homelessness sucks.”
Sue nodded wiping her eyes. “If either one of us gets rich, let’s make a promise that we will build houses for the homeless.”
“You bet, ” I choked. I get so tired of feeling helpless some days.
For Sue and all of those like her:
and while I’m at it PRISON SUCKS, too.

Let our hands be quick to give and our feet run to help.

Peace my friends💞

Day 866 injustice

Today is Wednesday. Today, I still cease to be amazed at the absolute injustice in this country. I should be so familiar with the duplicity, the lies, the unethical behaviour and the cruel and evil suffering inflicted on others.
One day there will be a reckoning. To all of us and those we love who are made to suffer. Hold fast. Be at peace. We are not alone.

Hugs and more hugs.

Day 865 Cowards and the evil deal in fear

Today is Tuesday. Fear. It is what cowards and evil people deal in. They use it to try and manipulate and control. Fear is what can cripple us, deter us, destroy us.
Courage is not the absence of that fear; but, the decision to keep moving in spite of it.
To my friends out there who have been threatened: Take the putrid wind out their sails. Keep your head high, your eyes on the prize and your heart full of love and truth.
Evil prowls seeking whom it wants to destroy. Don’t be sucked into the darkness. You have so many who hold candles to light the way.
I raise my candle, I speak your names in prayer.
Much love to you. 🌹💞💞💞

Day 864 Work

Today is Monday. Today, I made a friend happy by stepping in and staving off the loss of clients because of irresponsible employees.
Ok..I’m sorry, it’s not outdated and old fashioned to be on time and show up for work!
For those of you who have told me I am being taken advantage of, I pressed for better wages. We’ll see what happens.
Tonight Matt called. Apparently thunderstorms kept him from the phones.
Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.💞
Keep my incarcerated friends in your prayers. I received several letters today and they all made me cry.

Love to you all and my dear caged peeps.

Day 863 Praying

Today is Sunday. Today, I have not heard from Matt, who calls every night. I am not worried, just a bit disconcerted.
Tonight, I will be spending some quiet time and prayer for my sweet friends who have severe health issues, financial issues and prisoners including my sweet son.

Peace and blessings my dear friends. 💞