Day 840 Will we ever seek peace?

Today is Friday. Today, I watched a historical piece about Sitting Bull. I was struck by one of his quotes:

“The white man knows how to make everything, but he does not know how to distribute it.”

Or, we accumulate things to be rich, when wealth is really about how much we share and give away.

It is very difficult to watch these pieces because of the slaughter.  Nothing has really changed much.  We like to think we are civilized people but in truth we are brutal and barbaric.  There is nothing glorious about war.  There is nothing honourable about killing men, women and children.  Our history is replete with such violence.

I found this memorial song for Sitting Bull.

I remember as a kid going to see the dancing and singing.  I wonder if we will ever learn to seek peace.

Peace to you.💞


Day 839 veiled eyes

Today is Thursday. Today it rained the entire day and sometimes it came down so hard you could not see the road in front of you. It looked like a veil at times.
Speaking of veils; seems like lots of people have their eyes covered.
I am quite disappointed with one of the Democratic senators here who wants Julian Assange denied asylum.
Speaking the truth will get you persecuted and your life threatened, and like my son’s case, imprisoned.
Speaking truth will get you no jobs. I have been told by others here that they are convinced it is my presence online that gets me nasty reject letters. I have to tell you that it stings because I consider myself a decent person. I am honest, hardworking and I love people. I have already gotten letters of appreciation for cleaning people’s houses if that means anything. ha ha ha
I am not in prison, nor am I locked away in a small room in an embassy, so, my plight is not as dire as Julian’s or my son’s and now Reality’s. No, I just get denied jobs in my field. It still is persecution, though.
On the flip side, I’ve lost 15 pounds. I lug around a German vacuum. You can imagine a German vacuum. It’s not about the speed or luxury, it’s about the fortitude. Anyway, the thing is heavy. I suspect hauling that thing up flights of stairs will do it.

Well…hugs and love; especially to the truthtellers because they certainly won’t get justice here.


Day 838 5 dollars?

Today is Wednesday. Today presented me with an opportunity to help a soul, a single mom. She had no money and her gaslight was on. She was a bit frantic. She asked me if I could lend her 5 dollars so she could get home. She offered to take my info and pay me back when she got paid at the end of the week.
I filled her tank and bought her something to drink. She stared at me opened mouth and the said, “Who are you? You’re awesome.”
Hehehe. I’m not awesome, I’m just human..;)❤

Peace my beautiful people.

Day 837 Tragedy

Today is Tuesday. Today, I read about the sentencing of Reality Winner. What a tragedy. What a miscarriage of justice. When the gov’t can classify anything, like a candy wrapper, the defendant is stripped of all her rights and her defensive evidence is virtually null and void.
It’s never about truth or justice for this gov’t; no, it is about winning and punishing at all cost.
If we aren’t living in the days of Stalin’s Soviet Union. We have the illusion that, in this case, justice works in this country yet the prosecutors, lawyers and judges are unethical and corrupt; yet law enforcement on all levels is brutal and corrupt; yet  politcians make laws based on their own greedy and self-serving agendas. Are there some out there who are ethical and moral; of course, but they are terribly outnumbered by the monsters.
Today, another young life will be made to suffer. We are not a democracy: we are an empire ruled by vicious and cruel people who will stop at nothing to hide their criminality.
I believe that love will eventually win: but, it will be a very rough ride in the meantime.


Day 835 No act for good is too small

Today is Sunday. Today, I see things that we need to work together to change. But in the meantime, we applaud those who have made changes or valiant attempts to do so.
I want to give kudos to the organization I have the privilege of serving with. They are Citizens for Justice Reform. It is a difficult job fighting for the rights of prisoners because so many in power are greedy and unethical. Persistence, commitment and dedication are so important. I am amazed at and proud of the people who work tirelessly on behalf of others. The compassion is beautiful.
No act for good is really too small. It can be combined with others and something extraordinary could happen.
Do something kind for a stranger. It could lead to a domino effect. And, you never know what angel you might be entertaining.

Sending out love and warm hugs. You are beautiful and have intrinsic value. 💞

Day 834 a dirty word

Today is Saturday. Today, I was attacked, no, that’s a little too strong; maybe, chastised for being emotional or too “feeling” about children in cages
I just read a report taken from gov’t documentation that children are being slapped around, screamed at, drugged and one little girl was groped between her legs until she screamed.
I was informed, basically, that “these children were here illegally and our gov’t was just trying to discourage immigration.”
Please tell me this is not okay. These are children taken from their parents. These are not stray dogs being rounded up.
OMG..I am so ashamed. What kind of people support this behaviour?
We help the Saudis bomb the children in Yemen and we put asylum seekers’ children in cages and do unspeakable things.
Compassion. When did that become a character flaw?

What did these children do to deserve any of this?