Day 808 Memorial Day (give peace a chance)

Today is Monday. Today is Memorial Day. Today is the day we honour those in our military who have died in our countless wars.
Today, I chose to remember not only military members who died; but, also the many many civilians who perished, too.
War is a death machine; a soul eater; a hope destroyer.
I have seen those who did not die; but, came back broken physically, mentally, and spiritually. Some died later by their own hand; many live homeless, shells of who they were before war blown about like dried leaves. Some are caged in prisons when the trauma and ptsd forced them to self medicate because they received no help, no medical care.
I am a veteran and Memorial Day is not parades or celebrations or flag flying for me. Memorial Day reminds me of a terrible loss of life. Peace is not lucrative. War is big business. That hasn’t changed.
I am sorry if this sounds unpatriotic. There is nothing patriotic about people dying and it’s not for “our freedom.”

Peace..when will they give it a chance?

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