Day 806 practice what I preach

Today is Saturday.  Today, I received a letter from one of my incarcerated friends who I was able to send stamps to thanks to the generosity of a few people.  He was so grateful.

I am grieved to say he was stabbed in the stomach at the Tennessee prison where he is caged.  He was life flighted to a nearby hospital.

Honestly, sometimes I want to stop doing this; writng prisoners.  I have nightmares about them.  But then, I think about how for some of them I am the only line to the outside, I am the normal in their nightmare, I am the one who cares about them without judgement.

I think the worst in all of this is the feeling of total helplessness to change the conditions.  My friend is in with gang members and he has been targeted.  I want to give him hope that he will survive.  Is that all there is? Survival?

It’s so very big and I for one feel so very small.  I love my friends and it is a terrible price to see them suffer.  It is so close to home.  I just want to be strong, supportive, encouraging and loving.  Somedays it’s all I can do to write, and write something that will brighten their day.

Matt feels the same.  He said tonight that he wanted to be positive, encouraging and give some hope; but, he finds it difficult some days.

I always say love is an action.  I need to live what I preach.  Please pray for me.  Thank you💕




One thought on “Day 806 practice what I preach

  1. Ana May 27, 2018 / 4:02 pm

    When hope seems to leave me, i remember there are people like you who spread love and respect whatever life bring to them and it give me strength. You are an example, thank you for your love, you’ll be forever in my mind and in my heart

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