Day 804 Samantha

Today is Thursday. Today, I want to tell you about a young girl, Samantha. She was 18 years old. She had mental illness; she was bipolar. Samantha had no health insurance and she succumbed to what many people do to escape their tortured minds: drugs.
Samantha was scared most of the time; scared because of her illness; scared of going to prison; scared of everything.
You see, we have plenty of money to pump into politics; plenty of money to
pump into our war machine; plenty of money to pump into surveillance; but, we don’t seem to have any money to help a young girl like Samntha get health care, counseling and medication so she can function and care for herself.
So, last week, Samantha, who had no hope that she could still the voices in her head, jumped from a balcony to her death.
Today, I cleaned a mansion. I’m fairly certain it would go for a million easily. The basement had a full bar and a huge theatre room. The owners were home. What I noticed was how flat they seemed. Neither smiled, nor did they talk to each other. I asked if either one had gotten outside to feel the warmth and smell the wonderful flowers. Here were 2 people safe in their wealth. I’m sure they didn’t know Samantha or anyone like her.
Samantha,I heard your friend, who struggles like you did, sobbing for you.
He will carry you in his heart. He is homeless; but, he has a richness of heart that no money can buy.
RIP child.

Peace my friends.

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