Day 800 How much is a life worth?

Today is Sunday. Today, it comes down to money if you want to live or you die.
My very dear friend Sue has lung cancer. She has been getting treatments and now she has been threatened with not being able to continue those treatments unless she pays her $5000.00 deductible up front first.
For the first time in my life, I want to be not just rich, but filthy rich. I want to have so much money that I could never spend it all in my lifetime and I want to try to spend it all.
I want to make a dent in homelessness; make a dent in child poverty; make a dent in mental health programs; make a dent in substance abuse education and programs; make a dent in providing job programs for released prisoners and housing for them and a hundred other things.
But, today, especially for my friend, Sue, whose life is held hostage by an obscene deductible for some insurance company, I want to give so much.
Today, I gave what I could, just a small amount. This is immoral my friends. No one should have to be put in a situation like this, yet there are those who don’t even have health insurance and face losing everything.
You want to do something good for another human being today? Please drop a few bucks on Sue’s gofundme account. (listed above) She is the breadwinner for her family.
If you have been blessed financially, maybe you can do a bit more?
You know that you’ll be blessed by blessing someone else.

Love is an action..💕


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