Day 794 cram some cake

Today is Monday. Today, I received a piece written by Matt entitled “Shattered.”
Once, I get it published, I will share it. It is a very powerful piece of writing.
No, to many of you asking about the court situation for his time. I still don’t know anything. I don’t believe it’s been filed yet.
Today, I was hired by a cleaning firm to clean houses and offices. I am putting my Master’s degree to good I’m not proud; it’s good honest work. I’d dig ditches to help Paul and my kid.
So, I have my tote of cleaning supplies and I will be making some house all shiny and squeaky clean. Give me my magic eraser and baby, we’re rockin’.
The lady who hired me told me she couldn’t wait to work with me. Awwww sweet.
Thank you, Julia for the stamps. My guys are going to be so encouraged. They don’t ask for much. I wish I could bake for them. This is what I did a couple of weeks ago for a going away luncheon. I think we all need to eat more cake. And if some idiot starts spouting off something stupid or harmful, we just cram some more yummy cake in his/her mouth. Saves on hospital visits and is much kinder, eh?  💕💕💕

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