Day 793 Tulips (for moms)

Today is Sunday, Mother’s Day.

Today is (as my son would say a corporate contrivance to make money) Mother’s Day. He does admit that he would rather spend money on this day because he just happens to think his mom is worth it…:) I am going to attempt one of my poems for those who find this day to be painful.


There are two new pink tulips growing side by side
One slightly taller than the other.
A perfect pair, they compliment, each sharing, each supporting
From one original bulb becoming two flowers.
The tulips stand through the heat, the chilled wind, the pounding rain
Joined together, they face whatever conditions may come.
I marvel at their beautiful contribution in the world of my garden
Still standing, still strong as other flowers have long withered.
When one begins to droop, the other leans in for support
And carries them both through the drought.
Should I break them apart, separate and isolate them from each other
I sense one will make itself stand stronger, taller, more beautiful
Because the one will surely feel and know the other’s love.

For many mothers, today is an exercise in dealing with pain, separation, and even loss.
Today, I remember all of our incarcerated moms and their empty arms.
And, today, I want to send out a hug of comfort, love and encouragement to:
Christine Assange, the mother of persecuted and confined son, Julian.
Billie J. Winner-Davis, the mother of imprisoned daughter, Reality.
Judith Poe, mother of murdered daughter, Serena.
And many mothers who have children in prison, especially those who suffer from injustice; and those who had children slain by police.

Much love, truly.

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