Day 792 Rest Stop

Today is Saturday. Today, I was out with Paul as he’s “on call” this weekend to visit any imminent (close to passing) patients. I go along for the ride just to support him. One of his calls was to a hospital about 45 minutes away. I usually sit in the car and work on my writing or creating cards while Paul is doing his ministering.
Afterwards, we decided to get a sandwich at one of the little diners in the area. It just happened to be the diner Paul went to last year when he flew up to NH to interview for his job. Gosh, if it doesn’t seem like ages ago. I made that comment while awaiting our sandwiches and he said it feels like we are always running staying just ahead of the tsunami.
I happened to glance around at the various signs decorating the walls. One said Rest Stop. I got to thinking about that. How often do we ever just take a break from it all? I’m not sure we ever have because it will hit us in our faces if not loom like a menacing shadow behind us. Oh, I can pretend that things are normal and almost convince myself; but, that never lasts for long. I am always reminded how small I am and how big the powerful, the evil powerful are.
Does that frighten us? I have to tell you when we were convinced we were going to die, most things now don’t faze us much. The things that do, we just grieve and push on. The only control over anything is ourselves. We continue being who we are regardless. I can’t change those who have no integrity, no compassion, no sense of doing the right thing.
But a rest stop? How does one stop long enough to catch a proverbial breath and not be overwhelmed by the floodwaters? Maybe it’s not about worrying how long a rest would be but just catching that little break to stop and smell the roses, sip the brew, or listen to the buzz of some happy and industrious bees. Maybe it’s just being grateful to be alive even if it means running from the storm. Maybe it means facing the tsunami and exchange running for swimming. LOL
Whatever it means, quitting is not an option. It is not the rest stop. That would be the grave. Maybe it means, we don’t have to run or swim this alone. It’s like the marathon runner who grabs a bottle of water from a supporter who is cheering her on and stops for a brief rest to shake out a cramp.
Thank you to all who are on the sidelines cheering.  Much love.

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