Day 791 Truth is risky business

Today is Friday. Today and everyday calls for integrity.

We were told a number of times by a very shrewd and compassionate lawyer that our story was believable and that she knew we were telling the truth because the facts never changed no matter how many times we had to share what happened to Matt and consequently, to his parents. I miss this lawyer terribly because she became a dear friend to our family.

I discovered a long time ago as a child that the truth is much easier to keep track of. It is what it is-that simple. When you lie, embellish, or stretch, then you have to keep track of everything right down to the details you’ve given in order to perpetuate the, let’s call it, “un-truth.” Try doing that when more than one person is involved. Try doing that when you all suffer from different levels of PTSD. Try doing that when so much has happened over a long period of time. Like Mark Twain said if you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.

“Un-truth” catches up with you; but when everything you had been saying is confirmed (sometimes that takes a long time), it is it’s own reward for having integrity and honesty. Truth is not always positive, encouraging, or required to be said. Sometimes, it’s best to keep things to ourselves because of the harm it may cause.

Christ said, “The truth will set you free.” It does on so many different levels; free from self delusions, free from lies, free from guilt, free from darkness. But, freedom doesn’t necessarily include freedom from others’ lies, others’ evil, others’ persecution.

Truth is a risky business. Those who engage in immoral ,unethical, and evil practices don’t appreciate the truth of their deeds being exposed. We have seen this over and over again at the highest levels of government. Just turn on what poses for news in this country and you might see legitimate reporting and light being shone on some of the miscreants running this place.

Truth is risky business. Sometimes out of fear mostly and ignorance, people you’ve known most of your life fade from view. You become almost toxic. You become quietly persecuted. Some you counted as friends are only friends in words. The sad part is you begin to expect this and it becomes the new norm.

Truth is risky business because as George Orwell so eloquently stated, “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

It’s time for more revolutionaries.

Peace my friends and supporters of truth..:)

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