Day 784 no war

Today is Friday. Today, I watched a movie about war and redemption. I recall the first time I held a rifle in basic training. I knew right then I could not kill another human being because my gov’t told me to. I remembered what happened to my friends’ brothers and fathers who came back from Vietnam.
I had decent friends in the Army but I also knew some really nasty people who I did not trust.
When someone thanks me for serving; I feel uncomfortable. I ask them if they thank firemen, paramedics, nurses, counselors, get my meaning. They don’t usually respond because the answer is apparently no.
I would not encourage anyone to go into the military today. Why? We’ve been at war all my life. It’s time for peace and unfortunately, we have too many old warmongers calling the shots so, we need not offer our young people up as fodder for political greed.
Peace corps. I wish my parents had the interest and forsight to suggest the peace corps instead of the service.

Peace my friends💕

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