Day 779 Books

Today is Sunday. Today, I was made aware that the Bureau of Prisons is getting ready to roll out some very harsh rules regarding books.
Just so you know, many of us who send books realize how therapeutic, educational and important books are to prisoners. Journalist Barrett Brown made a great point that those in solitary have nothing but books (and that isn’t afforded in all prisons) to help them get through the isolation.
Amazon and Barnes and Noble will no longer be able to ship books nor small not for profits that provide free books to prisoners.
The BOP will provide the access to books and severely limit the amount prisoners can order. There is also a 30% markup.
This means the BOP will ultimately decide what books can be purchased. I have indigent prisoners I buy books for besides my son. I am not rich. How will they be able to buy books.
So, I ask which politicians own stock in this? Only the rich, as Mr. Brown said, will be able to buy the books and I guarantee the amount they will be able to purchase will be based on financial status.
I am infuriated. I am sick in my heart.
I think about my one autistic guy and he reads young adult fantasy books and Manga.
He is so excited when I can manage to scrape up some funds and send him books.
OMG..I am crying.

I’m sorry..I am heartsick.

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