Day 771 Thorazine

Today is Saturday. Today, I was asked about Thorazine. Someone wanted to know if I had done research.
We learned from Matt’s doctor, who had served in the military, that Thorazine mixed with amphetamines makes for a “truth serum” and was used when he was serving decades ago. The three letter agencies love to use this and there are a number of articles detailing their cocktails. There is also research that proves truth serums do not work as alleged. They only disorient and make the subjects pliable to manipulation.
Matt suffers from Thorazine poisoning. His nerves in his arms and fingers are damaged.
Torture includes drugging someone repeatedly against his/her will. Matt nearly died from their little experiment.
Who else has been subjected to this that we don’t hear about?

Evil roosts in our own back yard even if we wave a flag and pretend it doesn’t.


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